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Vote for UMass SAAC Anti-Bullying Video Contest

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The Atlantic 10 Conference SAAC "Anti-Bullying" Video Competition is under way with eleven institutions entering videos in this year's competition. This is the second year that the A-10 SAAC has conducted this "friendly" video competition, where the winner is determined by a combination of an online fan vote, as well as a vote conducted by each institution's campus SAAC organization. This fall, a unanimous vote by the A-10 SAAC led to the "anti-bullying" campaign as the theme of the 2011-12 video competition.

The guidelines for the competition are intentionally broad to provide maximum flexibility in the video submissions. Campus SAAC organizations that entered this year's competition have taken advantage of the incredible opportunity to raise awareness of bullying, through their creative and powerful messages.

The online vote will be open and conducted Friday, March 23 through Sunday, April 1. The campus SAAC votes will also be due on the final day of the online voting (Sunday, April 1), with the winner being announced on Tuesday, April 3.

The inaugural competition, which took place during 2010-11 academic year, involved the creation of videos that promoted an NCAA or institutional core value (e.g., sportsmanship, sense of community, commitment to service, academic and athletic excellence), or an ideal that student-athletes are especially proud of or passionate about. There were a total of seven institutional entries for this first-ever competition. The competition generated over 3,100 online votes, with roughly 40 percent of those votes going to the University of Dayton (1,204), which sealed their victory in the first-ever competition and they also finished second in the campus SAAC vote.

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