NBA Player Gary Forbes Scores on His Dreams - UMass Athletics

NBA Player Gary Forbes Scores on His Dreams

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Tracy Neithercott of Diabetes Forecast Magazine has an outstanding story on 2008 Atlantic 10 Player of the Year Gary Forbes and his life with diabetes.

Everything about Gary Forbes hints at vigor. The 6-foot, 7-inch basketball player is 220 pounds of pure muscle and goes head-to-head with some of the biggest, most athletic guys on the planet each week. He spends every day on the court, running drills and perfecting his shot so, come game day, he and his team can take on the toughest competition.

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A tall man like that definitely requires good cushioned extra large shoes! Especially so with his tight training schedule that will cause his shoes to easily wear off within a short timespan. Practice makes perfect and with their vigorous training regime, no wonder they are able to defeat their toughest opponents.

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