Incoming Women's Lacrosse Freshman Mia Rapolla Named MVP - UMass Athletics

Incoming Women's Lacrosse Freshman Mia Rapolla Named MVP

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Incoming freshman Mia Rapolla was named the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram girls' lacrosse MVP. The midfielder scored 88 goals this season for Gorham High School.

Double- and even triple-teamed in some games, Rapolla almost always found a way to power her way through and send a shot into the net.  

She was also named the newspaper's Athlete of the Year, for her combined prowess in basketball, cross country and lacrosse.  

"I try to be rugged. I always hear the other coaches yell "(No.) 24, 24!" They always just yell my name when I'm going into the eight," said Rapolla. "I just think 'turn and explode.'  

"When I'm going in and three people close in, I know two others are open. Then I might retreat. Or if I see a weakness in their triple, I try and go through it."

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