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UMass alum and columnist Julie Robenhymer has been following the activities at the Philadelphia Flyers Development Camp this week and posted and update along with with player assessment's on her blog.

Rising sophomore blueliner Adam Phillips is one of the collegiate invitees to the camp. Robenhymer had this to say:

"Finally, I'm a big fan of Adam Phillips. I might be biased because he's a Minuteman and we all know how much I love my Beloved's from UMass, but if he could just eat all the protein shakes his body can handle and add some meat on his rather lanky bones, he could be one heck of a player. Right now, he's 6'6, but weighs just 195 pounds. He's a terrific skater and has a great shot...just needs to grow into his frame! Hope the trainers at UMass stocked up on protein bars this summer...."

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