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Anthony Gurley Has High Hopes For NBA Draft Night

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The NBA Draft will be tonight and UMass' Anthony Gurley has high hopes according to the Newton Tab. Gurley worked out with the Celtics just over a week ago. Last season heading into his senior season, the Newton native declared himself eligible for the draft so he could get experience working out for NBA teams. If he is not drafted, Gurley could also find success catching on with a team as a free agent.

Derek Kellogg, Gurley's coach the past three years at UMass, believes whichever team does will be very happy it did. 

"He has a unique ability to score that few players in the draft have," Kellogg said this week. "You never know where those players will end up in the draft. He is a physically mature player who can score in a lot of different ways. He has also improved defensively and has become a leader on the court." 

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