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Philadelphia Inquirer Says Flint The Man For Penn State

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Philadelphia Inquirer sports writer Mike Jensen says Bruiser Flint would be a good fit for Penn State because of his recruiting base and his experience with working at a state school like UMass. Ed DeChellis just left the Nittany Lions to take over at Navy.

They can't just go hire a "recruiter" who doesn't know how to coach. Good recruiters quickly become bad recruiters if players see they can't teach the game.

So here's the answer: Hire Bruiser Flint. I thought Flint was the right guy last time - and still do. He'll get players from Philly and New York, and he'll make them better. My bet is this won't happen since Bruiser hasn't gotten Drexel to the tournament - which seems to be the prerequisite for moving up - but he's perfect for this job. Sure, Penn State can go after a hot coach, but Virginia Commonwealth's Shaka Smart is too hot, for instance, to settle for Penn State. Bruiser would have to go for it and is just as good a coach, with important state-school experience at UMass.


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