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Baylark, Shipp Take Part In Cardinals Homecoming

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The Arizona Cardinals recently had 17 former players return to help with their Football Skills and Education Camp. Included in the Alumni who came back were UMass standouts Steve Baylark and Marcel Shipp.

The Cardinals' Football Skills and Education camp held May 14 featured 17 former Arizona Cardinals, including running backs Stump Mitchell and Marcel Shipp, cornerbacks David Macklin and Robert Tate, wide receivers Frank Sanders and MarTay Jenkins and offensive linemen Derek Kennard and Jerome Daniels.

While they are ex-players, it didn't necessarily feel that way.

That's just part of being alumni for the Cards, taking part in teaching youth players about the game. Those that take part aren't players anymore, but they are close to it. The kids don't care their careers are over. And for the players, it can be a trip back in time when they all get together.

"It's similar to a homecoming," former running back Damien Anderson said. "It's almost like a family reunion. You see guys that have lived the same type of life you did, and we're all making that transition."

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