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Gazette Blog On NBA Summer League & Connections To UMass

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On his GazetteNet Blog, Matt Vautour points out how the possible disappearance of the NBA Summer League would be good for one UMass alum but bad for other recent products. Read about it in: No NBA summer league: bad for Gurley, Gaffney, good for Forbes?

If NFL labor talk wasn't giving you your fill of legal fun, the NBA appears ready to follow suit as rumors of a basketball lockout continue to gather steam.

If the NY Daily News is right, the NBA Las Vegas summer league won't be happening this year. The league is usually a chance for rookies to prepare for their first season, while players who were undrafted, or played int eh D-League or overseas can use the league as a chance to get an invitation to somebody's camp. This helped earn Gary Forbes a job last year. Without a summer league there'll be fewer chances for someone to crack a roster.

If there is a work stoppage, even a short one, that postpones the start of the 2011-12 season. It's likely that NBA will have shorter training camps. Players with NBA experience will be safer invites to people camp. For someone like Gary Forbes, who'll be a free agent after the season, this is a good thing.

For someone like Tony Gaffney, who played this season in the D-League, or Anthony Gurley, who isn't expected to be drafted, there is less chance of becoming the next Gary Forbes.


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