Widdall & Team USA Underway In Europe - UMass Athletics

Widdall & Team USA Underway In Europe

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UMass field hockey junior goalkeeper Alesha Widdall is currently playing in Europe with the US Junior National Team (U-21). USA Field Hockey has posted a schedule for Team USA's games in Ireland yesterday and today, as well as the games in Germany throughout the rest of the week.

The USA U-21 squad is coached by former UMass player and assistant coach, and current Boston College coach Ainslee Lamb.

Also, new UMass head coach Carla Tagliente is the head coach of the USA U-19 squad. She is assisted by UMass alum and current Duke head coach Pam Bustin. Stay tuned for updates on what the U-19'ers are up to during their training season.

Good luck to Alesha as she represents the Red, White, & Blue!

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Good luck to Alesha as she represents the Red, White, & Blue! This blog post really grabbed my attention. With that said I am going to subscribe. Therefore I will get more updates on what you have to say. Please keep writing as I want to learn more.

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