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Art Kell Chat Wrap On Inside Lacrosse/ESPN SportsNation

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UMass junior attackman Art Kell was this week's special chat guest on Inside Lacrosse. Kell chatted with lacrosse fans around the world. He is one of three UMass players with 10 goals this season along with seven assists.

  • Inside Lacrosse Chat With Art Kell.

  • Matt Kinnear
      (2:58 PM)

    Welcome to another edition of the ESPN/Inside Lacrosse chat. This week, we have UMass' attackman Art Kell on to answer questions.

    Matt Kinnear
      (2:58 PM)

    The Minutemen have been ranked as high as No. 5 this year, and they have a big match against Penn State this weekend in Amherst.

    Matt Kinnear
      (2:59 PM)

    Inside Lacrosse will have coverage of that game, but ask away some questions now.

    boris (connecticut)

    tell us why cannella is such a great coach and why umass is sucha great place

    Art Kell
      (3:04 PM)

    In terms of lacrosse, UMass is such a great place because of Coach Cannella. Everything Coach and the program stand for makes this place special to me. Also, I really love playing with the guys on the team, I truly love playing here.

    Sammy (Amherst, MA)

    Art, Can you talk about how so many different contributors have joined in the effort this season. Seems like UMass has the ultimate team!

    Art Kell
      (3:05 PM)

    Ya that is something that we are really excited about. The fact that so many guys have been contributing must make it very difficult for teams to put together a plan to stop us. We could care less who scores, we know if we work together we're going to be successful.

    Chris (Long Island)

    How is it playing with Will Manny everyday? It seem's you two have a great combination in one being righty and one lefty and your both great feeders and finishers.

    Art Kell
      (3:06 PM)

    I love playing with Will. Will is the smartest lacrosse player I have ever played with. Although, I am a year older than Will, when he critiques my game I make sure I listen. Will also has a very refreshing passion for the game, that drives me everyday. Will and I have had some great moments together, but we both know what the future could hold for us if we play our cards right.

    Jerome (NY)

    off topic, but whats your final four?

    Art Kell
      (3:08 PM)

    My final four is Ohio st., Kansas, Duke, and Pitt. I have Kansas taking the title....all for fun of course, I love watching those twins play.

    Billy Bob Jones (Boston)

    Art, how hard was it to rehab from the broken foot? Who gave you support during what was probably a hard time?

    Art Kell
      (3:12 PM)

    t actually was not very hard for me to rehab the broken foot, it was just a matter of allowing enough time for the bone to heal. I received support from everybody during what was a very difficult time for me. The injury also made me realize how fortunate we are as athletes to be able to compete every week, I try to remember how lucky I am to be out there when times get tough.

    Rob mac (raleigh)

    How if at all did playing box lacrosse change your game?

    Art Kell
      (3:17 PM)

    I only played a couple years of box when I was in middle school, but lost touch with it in high school. I always regretted not sticking with it, it was tough while playing basketball and football. I hope to get a chance to play some box at the next level. The guys from Canada are a testament to how beneficial playing box could be for someone's game.

    tyler Knight (Amherst )

    What is your favorite song/band? (pre-game/in general)

    Art Kell
      (3:19 PM)

    Im always changing my mind, but right now I am stuck on the song Renegade by Jay-z

    walker (NC)

    How long until the SEC schools realize there is another sport besides football and start up D1 lacrosse programs?

    Art Kell
      (3:24 PM)

    That is a great question. I grew up in California and you could ask the same question about the schools on the west coast. I think we will be seeing lacrosse in the SEC very soon. It is difficult because football is worshipped down there, but it would be awesome to see guys like Cam Newton holding a lax stick.

    Mark Brandoe (Worcester, MA)

    What do you think UMass needs to do to beat Penn State on Saturday? I will be there.

    Art Kell
      (3:26 PM)

    We simply have to play our game. If we work together and have more consistency with our execution then we should be successful.

    Pat (CT)

    Where do you see the team in May?

    Art Kell
      (3:29 PM)

    I see the team in a position to make some noise in May

    Garbers gorilla 44 (Boston, MA)

    Art, the Umass team has been playing great this season. Garber field is the best place to see a college game but I think you guys need to get Syracuse back on the schedule. Thoughts?

    Art Kell
      (3:35 PM)

    I'd love to scrap with 'Cuse on Garber field, but at the same time we have some very good teams coming here this year. The games we have left on Garber should be really entertaining, but there have certainly been some unforgettable games with 'Cuse on Garber.

    Bob (Mass)

    How great is it to have a defense that plays so well to help create offense? Jake Smith and Celentani seem like studs.

    Art Kell
      (3:40 PM)

    can't tell you how much I appreciate our defense. Not only have they played great in all of our games, but they bring it everyday in practice.

    Art Kell
      (3:40 PM)

    They really prepare the offense for whatever any team will have for us. Jake Smith is a guy that never complains and always does his job, those are the type of guys you love to have on your team. Our defense is our bedrock.

    Walter (Mass)

    What is about Coach Cannella that he gets the most out of your team year after year?

    Art Kell
      (3:42 PM)

    In my mind Coach Cannella is the best coach in the country and there is no one that I would rather play for.

    J.Witz (Boston aka St Pattys Heaven)

    Arthur:Everyone wants to know about recruiting. Why did you choose UMass instead of Towson?

    Art Kell
      (3:45 PM)

    I personally was not real highly recruited by a lot of schools. I am from Massachusetts so UMass was a school that I had dreamed of playing at. When they were willing to take a chance on me I jumped at the opportunity.

    Jack (Salt Lake City)

    What does the team listen to before games? Who chooses the tunes?

    Art Kell
      (3:48 PM)

    Will Manny is the team DJ. He likes to mix it up some techno, rap, he stays open to requests. The other day Anthony Biscardi threw on the Piano Man by Billy Joel and we were all feeling that.

    Matt Kinnear
      (3:49 PM)

    Art has to get going to prepare for this weekend's game, but thanks for stopping by and asking questions. We'll have live coverage from UMass-Penn State on on Saturday. Tonight it's Duke-UNC in an ACC clash.

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