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Swimming Blog From Puerto Rico: Three Kings Day

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Today was our annual Three Kings workout where we all get in teams and risk it all to swim a 50 meter sprint and usually end up losing and get the pleasure of swimming a 200 meter race instead. Brian Schmidt's trip continued to be unlucky as he and his group had to do the most 200s today at 5 which brought him to a total of 20 over his 4 year career (UMass Swimming Record). The other Senior Captain, Dan Backler, had the luckiest practice ever recorded as he and his group got all 50s. The angriest sprinter award goes to Beau Garufi this year as he was none to pleased with his team's continual gambling and losing thus giving him more 200s then a sprinter ever wants to do.

After the workout we had the rest of the afternoon off, some of the guys went to the rain forest as others decided to stay around the poolside and lounge around taking fairly regular trips to the hot tub because the sun is rarely out and the wind is always blowing.

The swim team would like to give a shout out to Richard Huntley and his family, he is an alumni of the program and while we are here we are using the Huntley gym to lift.

When I was given access to this blog Russ had to give me a password, anyone care to guess at what he made it?

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