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Swimming Blog From Puerto Rico: Snooze You Lose?

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Another day has found its way to evening which means that the team gets a little bit of time before another early practice tomorrow. For this blogger that means that I have 10.5 hours to watch the playoff game before the most annoying alarm clock goes off at a crisp 6:05 AM. At this morning's recovery practice numerous other attacks occurred, teammates are getting hit like crazy, by now you are wondering what could possibly be wrong, the answer: BEES! the casualty count is up to 5 and the potential for more attacks is always present as it seems we are swimming in their homeland.  Aside from the near death experiences that happen each time we jump in the water the practice ended smoothly which means we got to go home to eat bagged cereal and nap by the pool.  Of course the sun went dormant right as we decided make our way towards the pool which meant there was more reason to watch the first half of the Ravens game before practice.

We started practice with a good abs set which as usual included doing everything we could not to do what Russ said but then we hit the pool and the pain began. The D-Crew did a non stop IM set that did not look like any fun and the Mid-D crew did a pace 200s set that everyone really got into. The team left the pool in pain but that was nothing a car ride of reggae tone and a trip to subway would not cure. Now I am off to find the best hot tub in this resort to spend a few of my remaining 10.5 hours of rest in.

Side Story: Today something happened that I for one have never seen since I have been a member of this team. Russ always threatens to leave members behind that are not in the vans on time for practice and today... IT HAPPENED. Pete Sacco was sooooo tired from our morning recovery practice that he passed out in a hammock for 5 HOURS! that is 1 hour less than most of the team is getting every night! He went to his room and wondered why everyone was gone and than noticed that the vans left 15 minutes earlier. A punishment is still pending votes have been made for A) Distance Lane for a day B) 100s fly C) Cleaning the bathrooms at the pool or D)Nothing... results to come later.

Random thoughts:

-DO NOT watch the wild card round of the playoffs with any patriot fan while their team has a bye...friends can't be turned on mute like the TV can.

-It is pointless to fill up your water bottle with ice before practice as it will be warm before practice even starts

-Why don't I ever see the Puerto Rico quarter in the United States?

-Tang is an equal or better substitute for Powerade.

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