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Swimming Blog From Puerto Rico: No Pain No Gain

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We woke up today to hopes of terrific weather for the first time since we have been here and it seemed as though our dreams were going to come true. During the first practice of the day the sun was out and spirits were high and with good reason it was a semi recovery practice. The water was still colder than anyone wanted but that will happen when the sun hides for an entire week. Once we got back to the hotel and were ready to catch the rays and relax for the day the sun disappeared behind cloudy skies which just meant more reruns of sportscenter for most of the team.

The second practice was a grind for all the practice groups, we did some IM work in the Mid-D and D groups. Everyone in the Distance lane left the pool in the most pain since we arrived and that will happen when the number in front of the IM is 400.

On the ride back the question was asked to Russ, "What is practice going to be like tomorrow?" and his response was "Get a good nights sleep and find out." With that being said, I'm Out.

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