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Swimming Blog From Puerto Rico: Grindtime/Primetime

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Hola muchachos y muchachas. This is the B of the B&O blogging from sunny (ish) San Juan. Thursday night was unusually quiet around the team hotel. From what I saw, the majority of the team made good use of the hotel's hot tubs, beds, and tv's in order to rest up for Thursday morning practice. After finishing this morning's practice, I'm sure none of us regret being lazy for one night. Today looks like the first actual beach day of the trip and we plan on taking full advantage of it (after a quick nap, of course). Two more practices left until our next single-practice day and the team is making plans to visit one of the nicer beaches around the island.

As the trip progresses it seems as though the sanity level of our team is rapidly decreasing. Though it may cause concern to outsiders, this is a normal trend around this time of year. It's the most identifiable on the pool deck where we could easily be mistaken for a team of four year olds jacked up on endless cans of Mountain Dew. I, for one, have come to terms with my temporary immaturity and have recently learned to embrace my gift (curse?).

Throughout the trip, Russ has been giving cryptic hints and ambiguous answers when we ask him about what the next practice will be and today was no different. Therefore, I am off to take a nap in order to maintain at least some level of sanity before tonight's inevitable grind.

Random Observations:

-The George Foreman Grill is the greatest thing to happen to the Earth since oxygen.

-Bagged cereal tastes better.

-The maximum number of laptops in one room during a training trip should be 1 (not four, freshmen).

-All reggaeton sounds exactly the same (seriously).

Live long and prosper, UMass Aquatics.


By Trevor Ziegler

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