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Swimming Blog From Puerto Rico: Fun In The Rain

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The UMass swimming teams are in Puerto Rico for their annual training trip. Periodically throughout the trip, members of the team will be posting blog entries to update fans on how the trip is going. Below is Kyle Jennings' first entry from Tuesday night. You can find more blog entries at UMassAquatics.org.


It all started with a hectic trip to the airport with our Captain, Brian Schmidt, losing his wallet minutes before we were supposed to be on the 4 AM bus to Logan. He apparently wrecked his apartment in minutes searching for it and then came on the bus late with his passport only to find his wallet in his book bag...the bus was quick to show their appreciation. Logan was a mess as usual but we got out eventually and landed in Puerto Rico safe and sound (sadly Russ made it with us as well so we will actually be doing some work while we are here).

The Trip has opened with 2 days of successful practices. The sprinters did a pretty intense workout this afternoon from what I could see, it involved quite a bit of dry land along with wearing clothes in the pool. As a Distance/Mid-D swimmer I assumed it was just a game of dress up but from the looks on their faces after practice it must have been pretty tough. The D-Lane did a 2000 meter pull for time this morning which could not have been comfortable. The Mid-D group as has had a few very solid practices.  Eric "zippy" Zeimetz has put up a strong performance in the 100s sprint we have done Dan Backler has been no slouch in the Breaststroke department.

It has never been harder to get in the water in the morning as the water is colder than Boyden, which I did not think was possible and the sun has yet to be seen while we are at practice. It has rained a decent amount since we arrived and the wind is blowing a strong cold breeze. Some of us have even worn sweatshirts by the pool during our off time.

Everyone seems to be having a good time, the freshman have been running around with their heads cut off as its their first training trip but all is good with the rest of us. Tomorrow we have our annual Three Kings workout so look forward to an update tomorrow.

That is all for now, I am off to go see Arkansas beat Ohio State.


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By Kyle Jennings

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