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Recent Gary Forbes News With Nuggets

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UMass product Gary Forbes has been playing with the Denver Nuggets. Several recent stories out of Denver mention Forbes, here is a sampling.

• Denver Post: Anthony back practice with Nuggets, mentions hos Carmelo Anthony wore Forbes' No. 0 practice jersey in his return to the Nuggets after his sister's death. 

• Pueblo Chieftain: Paging 'Mr. Big Shot' has Forbes quoted, talking about the Nuggets: "We have been through so much this year and we're still in a good spot," Forbes said. "If we have everybody healthy, we will win even more games. It's just a matter of time for us to get this ball rolling and it will just be a snowball effect."

•  In The Denver Post: Nuggets' Gary Forbes takes a stab at being a journalist ... Check out the story here:

It was your typical post-practice media scrum. Guys and gals from print media, online, TV, radio. Oh, and Gary Forbes, the 6-foot-7 Nuggetsguard.

Forbes had wandered over from the Nuggets locker room, noticed the huddle around coach George Karl and figured he'd join in. So he pretended his water bottle was a microphone and stuck it in Karl's face.

Benjamin Hochman, one of our Nuggets writers, couldn't resist.

"What about Forbes?" he asked Karl. "What are you thoughts on Gary Forbes?"

Karl looked up, saw Forbes, and smiled. "He took two of the crappiest shots I've ever seen him take in the Philadelphia game," Karl said.

"Ever?" Forbes asked.

"Ever," Karl said. He sighed, and let out a wry smile. "I don't know. I thought about waiving him afterward."

"Those are some strong words. 'Ever'?" Forbes asked.

"Ever," Karl reiterated with a straight face.

"Coach, you've won a thousand games," Forbes said. "And I took the two crappiest shots ever?"

"Ever," Karl said, smiling, "and I think (the assistant coaches) would agree."

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