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My Story: Jonathan Quick - From L.A. Kings Website

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Former UMass All-American and current L.A. Kings starting goalie Jon Quick is featured on the club's website in their "My Story" series. Quick says his story started when he was five-years old in Hamden, Conn. Click Here to read the whole story.

By Jonathan Quick | Special to

Hamden is where I have lived my whole life.  Most of my memories at an early age revolve around the second year I skated.  I played defense then and I wondered if I would still remember how to skate.  I was nervous as heck going out there, but I took one step on the ice and was pleased that I still remembered how. 

I played defense for only two years.  I grew up with many kids my age and we played street hockey.  I always wanted to play goalie during street hockey.  Later I told my parents I wasn't going to play hockey unless they let me be goalie.  

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